Jan de Vliegher

De Vliegher is a painter. Holding his brush, in what seems a distinctly light and loose manner, he applies the paint with skilful accuracy, bending every stroke to match his intentions. The result, a compilation of paint, form, light, shadows is in movement and perfect harmony. De Vliegher is using the photographic imagery as a starting point in his work. However, the paintings are never the result of a wish to imitate, or mimic reality. The relationship between the notion of reality, painting, and the status of photography has been the topic of great discussions over centuries. Yet, in De Vliegher’s work reality seems as important as unavoidable, and an obvious source of inspiration. However based on familiar imagery, De Vliegher offers his own particular version of the scenery. Drawing on similarities he offers truly delightful versions of these facades and statues, as well as challenging established conception on painting and reality.


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