Delphine Lucielle

After her solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in April 2013, Californian artist Delphine Lucielle presents us with innovative glass sculptural paintings that reveal the inside of stones. Delphine Lucielle's compositions are derived from magnified geological patterns that may be simple or elaborate, ordered or chaotic, composed of thin lines or large patches with colors that range through every shade of sepia, ochre, white and metallic silver-grey. Each Lucielle glass painting is one-of-a-kind and has involved some painstaking and meticulous processes that include photomicrography, serigraphy with minerals and hand-weaving with glass. By painting with mineral oxides from rocks rather than with synthetic pigments, she creates colors that last forever and have an amazing intensity and luminosity. At high temperature, the images become crystallized and integral with the glass rather than merely sitting on the surface like conventional paintings. Lucielle's work is very unique in that the image and its medium are truly interwoven both physically and conceptually. The image is embedded in the material which is in turn the actual image.