Pieke Bergmans

Pieke Bergmans (1978) is an autonomous designer from the Netherlands. After her postgraduate study at the Royal College of Art in London under Ron Arad, she opened her studio and immediately started working on a large veriety of projects around the globe.

Bergmans had various solo exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo, Miami and Basel. By definition, her work has primarily been geared to collectors, Pieke has also collaborated with various like-minded companies as Rosenthal, Comme des garcons & Vitra.

Her favorite modus operandi is to alter existing production processes to come to new forms and functions. Pieke's work is spontaneous, playful and fresh. She aims to combine function, form and message in a single elegant gesture. Whether working with porcelain, plastic or glass, she always creates objects that are of a pure and natural beauty.

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