Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa’s sculptural work has passed through various stages. In the early 1980s the central feature of his work was wrought iron: the sculptures, largely worked with recovered materials, materialised characters or anthropomorphic shapes traced by way of cuts, folds and collages. Virtually abandoning all trace of figuration, his work later incorporates light, which, in combination with iron, creates works of great beauty. It is at this moment when Plensa also insert into his sculptures written texts in relief, poetic texts which act as if they were one more material, colour or brush stroke of his work.
In recent years, and almost, simultaneously, his casting materials have been synthetic resin and melted glass, but also alabaster, with its mysterious translucency. In parallel with his sculptural work, and at the same level of importance, the artist has created an extensive body of works on paper, always closely related with sculpture. A significant part of Plensa’s production is set in the context of public sculpture.


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