Hitoshi Kuriyama

Hitoshi Kuriyama works questioning himself and looking at conflicting concepts such as “Existance vs Non-Existance” or “Creation vs Destruction” to demonstrate from a scientific perspective that they are equivalent. He has theorized the hypothesis “0=1” and attempted to prove it. In his works he uses common electrical components: fluorescent lights, fuses and LEDs become alive forces. Light is not only immaterial, it can also be seen as a metaphor of life. His works are a clear indication that death is simply a transformation to a new existence. Whether you consider it soul, energy or any other natural material, with our death, what was our body becomes something else. Kuriyama, who worked at the Japan Aerospace exploration Agency as a photo archivist, was inspired by supernovas. In fact Kuriyama's latest works try to show that moment of transition when something releases its energy: he captures, with prepared photographic paper, the individual signature and colours that a fuse makes when it blows and releases its energy.



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