Andrea Salvador

The hyperrealist pictures of Andrea Salvador represented here are clearly part of our contemporary lifestyle and have been created by using a mosaic technique that, on the contrary, evokes a conceptual association with the highest expressions of Italy’s historical works of art.
These mosaics offer a synthesis of two diametrically opposed temporal methods that is the result of Andrea Salvador’s artistic research. On one hand, we can see the ephemeral style of graphic works and magazines, whose existence lasts as long as they hold the reader’s attention and finish by being recycled. On the other, we denote the solemn majesty of an expression that, by definition, captures an image and offers it eternal life. Time, therefore, seems to stop briefly, intensified by the spatial expansion of the format. The scale of Salvador’s mosaics forces you to slow down, to reflect - alternating between a curiosity to understand the technique and an eagerness to retreat from their concept and substance.



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